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Sorry, but Position Manager has been discontinued due to changes in the terms and conditions for the Google Search API.

Essentially the old search API (which Position Manager used) has been deprecated and the new one only allows 100 free searches per day. 

Maybe one day Position Manager will live again, but not today :/

Promotional site for a government backed scheme to provide free replacement gas boilers to low income families

If, like me you've migrated your blog / site from Wordpress to Drupal you will probably want to arrange to 301 redirect all your Wordpress links to their new Drupal equivalents.

I've been wondering what to do with something I made a year or so ago. Should I patent it or try to get it manufactured ? In the end, I've just decided to publish it here as "prior art" so that nobody else can steal the idea.

Portfolio site for one of the UK's leading commercial film and photography companies. www.vismedia.co.uk

The following SQL code will recalculate comment counts for all nodes on your site.

update node_comment_statistics ncs set comment_count = (select count(*) from comment c where c.nid = ncs.nid) where 1=1

Below are links to a couple of articles on Slashdot about the hardware and software required to run a massively high traffic website.

If you move your local repository of Drupal modules from sites/all/modules to sites/all/modules/contrib you may find that your site dies with error messages like "failed opening required".

Promotional site for businesses, events and tourism in and around Greenwich Market and the surrounding area on behalf of the Greenwich Hospital Estate. 

For a number of years the goal of graphics technology has been to create 3d images and environments that are "indistinguishable from reality".

In total 8 sites developed very cost effectively with a shared code base and some content sharing between sites. 

Over the weekend I made this site for my girlfriends business, Fish Pedicure in Dorset

Just thought I'd show you the "dealer locator" I built recently for Armour Automotive.


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